Art Nouveau Museum

On nearly 3,229 sq.ft. and three levels, you will find a unique collection in France
of furniture and ‘Art Nouveau’ objects collected by Pierre Cardin for over sixty years .

Temporary Exhibition

« SEM, le grand monde de la Belle Epoque »

Exhibition from Wednesday, November 23rd, 2016
till Sunday, March 26th, 2017

First French caricaturist from 1890 to 1925, Sem was successively and simultaneously Gala, Voici, Point de vue, Jours de France and Paris-match …
No celebrities can escape from him and nobody can be someone in 1900 without having its portrait by Sem! 50 personalities of All worldly Paris are presented for you and they tell you their stories.

Permanent Exhibition

Come and discover more than 550 pieces imported from around the world by the most prestigious designers such as Majorelle, Tiffany, Gallé, Massier and Toulouse-Lautrec .

An exceptional collection presented in an intimate place recreating the atmosphere of an apartment of a courtesan of the Belle Époque, 12 furnished rooms of the best creations of the 1900s .

Guided tours are organized under the direction of the art historian Pierre André Hélène.

Appearing in Europe in 1880, Art Nouveau draws inspiration from the vegetal and floral world and the imagination of women.

This dream world invades obsessively the glazed pottery, earthenware, glass and furniture in a fabulous mix of curves and true fireworks of color.

The bedroom is the most sacred of our courtesans of rue Royale. One can find Majorelle’s bed covered with irises and water lilies, translucent Tiffany lamps and evanescent biscuits by Karlsbad. It is here that the courtesans put the final touches of beauty on themselves such as hair accessories, dresses, hats, and jewels.

Passionate by Art Nouveau, the courtesans are offered the most beautiful furniture from admirers throughout Europe.

On display is a sofa inspired by Gaudi, shiny earthenware from the Riviera, and a side table in precious marquetry by Marjorelle. Everything is made to seduce.

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Open from Wednesay to Sunday.
Closed on public holidays, and in July and August.

The museum is closed outside the guided tours hours.

English guided tour : 2:00pm
French guided tour : 3:15pm

Guided visit (1h):
Showings of the permanent Art Nouveau furniture and objects collections except during temporary exhibitions where the tour is dedicated to the exhibition theme.


Admission including guided visit : €25

Reduced fee: €10

• unemployed individuals and visitors receiving benefits (proof of entitlement must be dated within the last six months)
• disabled visitors and their guest or helper

Free admission :

• visitors under the age of 18
(valid ID or proof of entitlement required)


Musée 1900’ Maxim’s de Paris
3, Rue Royale
75008 Paris

transport_MSubway lines :1, 8, 12 – Concorde Station
Subway lines : 14, 8, 12 – Madeleine Station

transport_BBus lines : 24, 42, 84, 94  Concorde stop
Bus lines : 52, 73, 72, Balabus – Concorde / Place de la Concorde stops

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Parking Madeleine : Place de la Madeleine

Pierre-André Hélène Biography

Pierre-André Hélène is passionate art historian and writer for the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. He loves Paris and the capital’s secrets. *

In the early 2000s, he became the director of the ‘Museum 1900 Maxim’s de Paris’. More than 550 outstanding objects of the Art Nouveau collection presented in the apartment of a courtesan of the Belle Epoque.

He organizes trips in France and abroad on themes related to the discovery of memorials such as regions of France, capitals, castles, etc.

He has collaborated with several magazines and radio stations as well as participated in many television programs as a columnist in reporting on topics related to history, Paris, and the world of luxury, including the famous ‘History of Secrets’ on France 2.

Author of ‘Toulouse-Lautrec à Montmartre’, which he published for the centennial death of the famous painter and ‘Palaces de France; Vie et Member de L’Extravagance’ a history rich in anecdotes from the luxury hotels since the nineteenth century.

Playwright and actor, he has written and performed five pieces and is the author of ‘Moi, Colette’ and ‘Moi, George Sand’, autobiographies of exceptional women authors.